Through the eyes of urban Los Angeles...

Thursday, November 30, 2006

Through the Eyes of Urban Los Angeles

My blog is titled "Excellence versus Equity" after an educational theory by Rutgers University Professor Dr. Alan R. Sadovnik in his book Exploring Education: An Introduction to the Foundations of Education, which states society can not simultaneously strive for both excellence and equity in education. If we want excellence we will have to undermine equity, for one can only be excellent if deemed better than someone else. If everyone was exactly equal, the concept of excellence could not exist since there would be no room for being considered superior to anyone else. I chose to title my blog after this concept because problems facing urban communities are a result of apathy and neglect by those in power in order to conserve their status of dominance and distinction, which parallels Sadovnik's theory. The opportunity to take a stance on issues that impact the urban community and act as a voice of authority and persuasiveness on cyberspace has been extremely empowering. Everyone is entitled to an opinion but the weight of an individual’s words are often dependent on the influence, socio-economic status, or level of education one possesses. Blogging helps blur these lines by allowing everyone to voice their opinion and develop a platform based on their rationale, conviction, and supporting facts. It is amazing to see that the background of bloggers does not limit personal exposure; everyone is free to give their opinion and receive feedback from people they probably would never have the opportunity or desire to interact with in person.

I am first-generation college student from East Los Angeles majoring in Finance and minoring in Education at the University of Southern California. When I first discovered that I could blog about anything I wanted I decided to write posts about matters affecting the urban community, rather than focusing on finance-related topics. I interned on Wall Street for 3 months this past summer so I decided to try something completely different. Often times the voices of the inner-city are written-off due to their lower position in society. I felt that it was my responsibility to act as the representative of my community in an educational setting in order to articulate their silenced voices and concerns. All my blogs touch on issues disturbing urban neighborhoods- failing education systems, leveling the playing field, voicing opposition against those who undermine problems of lower socio-economic classes, improving race relations, and highlighting phenomenal efforts aimed at progress for the inner-city.

After reviewing my blog, I am glad to see that I have been able to keep education as the underlying theme of every article. My life thus far has made me a firm believer in the power of education. Education is the key to social mobility, as demonstrated by my journey as kid in East LA to an unbelievable summer as an analyst on Wall Street. My writing has been passionate, for I believe strongly in my arguments due to first-hand accounts that served as my inspiration. Despite these satisfactory accomplishments, I wish I could have done a better job at looking at both sides of the dilemmas I explored. Although it is important to take a firm stance on a topic, I could have established more credibility with the reader by being as unbiased as possible. Regardless of this shortcoming, I am proud of my work as a first-time blogger and look forward to using this medium as a way to voice my opinion and formulate my thoughts about any controversial issues of substance.


Anonymous iliana said...

"My life thus far has made me a firm believer in the power of education."

my favorite part.

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